DATAG Membership Has Its Benefits

Learn about the benefits of being a DATAG member.

Voting Rights

DATAG members are the only ones that carry the right to vote on the slate for the Board of Directors.

DATAG Bulletin Board

As part of DATAG’s commitment to foster communication and dialogue, members receive regulars news and updates through Bulletin Board. DATAG encourages Bulletin Board System participants to ask questions, share information, engage in lively topical discussions and stay up-to-date on all the latest information regarding educational issues and upcoming events.

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DATAG is an organization completely run by volunteers, and we encourage you to become involved. Individuals are always needed to help in all areas, including but not limited to summer conferences, quarterly meetings, website maintenance, program development, finances, etc.

Please contact Rosemary Baum ( for more information on where your talents could be best utilized.



A group of New York State education experts that provides leadership by identifying, cataloging and modeling best practices in the analysis and use of school data. The NY Schools Data Analysis Technical Assistance Group guides professional development by assisting schools in understanding performance assessments which creates change in the instruction of curriculum and helps institutions meet New York educational standards.